Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blonde bitch iron fucked, tit and pussy whipped!

If you like films where gorgeous women are whipped and punished, the site Whipped Women is for you. Just have a look at this gallery from the film Blonde Bitch (click the pics below for link):

The film features two stunning blondes and one of them smears the body of her friend with oil.before she is whipped.

She is also fucked with a steel rod.

Her friend is waiting for her turn to taste the whip while the whipmaster lays on the lash across the quivering body of his blonde victim. Lovely... ;)

Would you dare to use the scourge?

The biggest problem is finding somebody who will go all the way. Over the top. Does this picture inspire you? Would you like to do it IRL? So wonderful to wear those vivid marks of love after a good trashing with the scourge. But do you have the courage to do it? Do you trust your ability enough to use it? A scourge can easily be made from some leather straps, some sharp pieces of metal and spikes. Each lash will leave bloody wounds. Will that frighten you - or will it make you want to lay on the scourge again and again, even harder? Would you dare meeting a woman who is actually begging you to use the scourge on her because she craves it? Make love to her after you have seen to her wounds. Will you work yourself into a frenzy as you see new wounds appearing all the time until her buttocks are covered in blood? What if she kneels before you, presenting a scourge she has made herself, begging you to use it on her? Would you think she is insane - or would you actually go along with it? Many people whip themselves to blood in religious rites but what if a woman wants you do it to her for sexual pleasure? Would you enjoy it?

Think it over. You may meet her tomorrow...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Ett litet experiment...

Du som chattat med mig eller hittat detta inlägg av en händelse... hur vill du använda mig? Kom med några kreativa idéer nu! Du kanske får inspiration av bilden i sidhuvudet? Snälla, skriv en kommentar i bloggen NU! Tipsa gärna ngn du känner som kanske vill vara med i diskussionen. Tack ;-) Bokmärk denna blogg och när du än känner för det så är det bara att gå in och skriva hur du vill använda mig och hur jag bör lida för dig. Jag älskar det!!! Här får du skriva vad du vill - släpp fantasin loss... Jag är en syndig sköka som måste straffas riktigt hårt!!!

mmm snälla fortsätt och skriv... ni gör mig alldeles rusig av åtrå och kättja... lägg till min blogg i favoriter så att du hittar tillbaka ;-) låt oss fortsätta att bygga på det som skrivits och gå vidare... skriv vad du vill göra med mig... fredagen den 13:e blev en riktigt härlig dag ;-)

I have been a bad bad girl...

Yes, I know... I have been a very bad girl. Shame on me for neglecting you, my faithful blog friends for so long. Why haven’t I done something about my procrastination even though I have seen that you check into my blog now and then to see if there are any news? I can well imagine your frustration about my negligence and the more impressed I am by the fact that you haven’t forgotten me. You keep coming here although there has been nothing new for ages. I can see by the statistics that the vistor’s number is about the same each week. This is impressive and I am very grateful to you for keeping up with me.

I have been a very bad girl and I need to be punished. Severely.

I wish you could all punish me the way you would like to. As I visualize myself on all fours, my posterior beckoning for the kiss of the whip, the cane and the riding crop, longing for the savage strokes to bite into my flesh, sending waves of agony through every nerve in my body… a wonderful pain that catapults me into painspace heaven… as I beg for you to whip me harder, my entire being is focused on the energy of pain which drives me over the top… makes me desperate with lust. It may be a punishment but it is also something I can’t live without. Pain arouses me. It makes me soo ho—y *blushing* Yes, this is very addictive and I can assure you that I don’t want to be cured. On the contrary, I only want to continue exploring this wonderful world and go even further. Luckily, Master is now back but I must stress that it’s not Him who has ordered me to start blogging. No, this sort of came to me very suddenly and I realized I have been misusing your loyalty. Yes, my dear friends, I feel a great sense of guilt for neglecting you. I can only promise to do better in the future. Obviously quite a few of you have enjoyed my blog posts(at least some of them) and if I should ever drift back into procrastination, please don’t hesitate to remind me and put me on the right track again.

How do you think I should be punished? How would YOU like to punish me? Please write a comment and tell me – and other blog visitors. It will definitely fuel my fantasy and make me… you know… *blushing again* and I am sure that other readers would enjoy reading about your thoughts on this. So please leave your comments and rest assured I am back again. And don’t forget to check out Breanne Erickson’s latest book – review coming up soon.

Love and kisses from tina in Stockholm.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Come and chat with us!

I just discovered a great and friendly chat for those of us who are into BDSM. Go to the BDSM chatroom and check it out for yourself. I am sure English is OK and there are lots of wonderful Swedish submissives online. Have fun!

Monday, 15 August 2011

The whipping of Inmate 347 - beautiful blonde suffering under the lash

Just look into her eyes. Can you imagine her feelings at the moment? Is her mind filled with sheer terror and fear or is she maybe excited about what is going to happen to her? Is she yearning for the kiss of the lash upon her nude body? Either way, this beautiful blonde inmate is now in for a severe whipping. She is regularly whipped and punished and there simply doesn't seem to be an end to her suffering. This is Inmate 347, doing time at a Very Special Prison for women.

She is in the hands of one of the most cruel female wardens you can imagine. The warden will always see to it that her women are punished with the utmost cruelty and she wants vivid marks on their bodies. Just look at her stern face and you will realize that she is indeed a Very Strict Woman. A woman who is enjoying hereself immensely.

The warden oversees the whipping of this blonde beauty and all the time she urges the whipper to lay on the strokes harder. Her screams and the sharp cracks of the whip echoes between the stone walls for what seems like an eternity.

No. 347 can look forward to countless further whippings and you know, I suspect she is really enjoying it. I would definitely love to take her place... mmmmm

Do you want to see the entire video where Inmate 347 is getting whipped? You're going to love this one! Go to Whipped Women - and don't forget to tell 'em that tinaslut sent ya ;-)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Naughty girl trashed by Strict Lady each weekend

Although I am maybe not the greatest fan of Facebook - sometimes I think FB stinks - this forum definitely has its assets. I have made lots of new friends and contacts there and now and then there comes somebody just like myself. Like Titti. We have been talking a lot and it seems like she lives a very exciting life, meeting with her 'strict lady' each weekend. Or, at least, she used to.

Titti is a beautiful Swedish blonde, now living in Malmoe after moving from home. She is 28 yo and one of her greatest passion is dancing, mainly lindy hop, street dance and even some break dance at times. The dancing occupies a great deal of her life when she is not working at a local call center and over the years she has tried out numerous different sports. 'Maybe the sports have been a way of trying to find a substitute for living out my masochistic urges' she says.

Yes, she is a masochist. She tells me that she was always dreaming about submission, spanking and other forbidden pleasures. When playing with other kids she was usually the black sheep who had to be punished and she enjoyed it. Oh yes, it surely brings menories from my own childhood when I was playing Cowboys and Indians with the boys and always seemed to be the one tied to the totem pole... As for Titti, her first real life experience of spanking was together with her then boyfriend and she enjoyed it very much although their relationship didn't last very long.

As with so many of us, Titti's forbidden thoughts would not be suppressed and she started actively seeking information. She went to different fetish parties and although she participatred actively the real special sensation that she was yearning for would not come to her. She also started doing self-punishments but it usually didn't feel very good. The best results were achieved by an improvised spanking machine which she made from a chair, a bamboo stick and a heavy duty rubber band and it almost felt like being caned for real. Yes, this was what she wanted. She really enjoyed feeling strokes from the cane across her bottom without being able to control them herself.

Eventually, Titti met a man who introduced her to spanking and all of a sudden everything fell into place. She realized that what really fired her was having her bottom trashed and she wanted to try anything. As she puts it, she became something of a 'tryoholic' (love that word!) and she tried anything from stinging nettles to various spanking implements. But it wasnt until one day she met a very special lady while chatting in a spanking forum. It turned out they had earlier met at some fetish parties but nothing special had happened. As they were chatting, both Titti and her strict lady realized what they wanted. They were both very interested in good, old-fashioned spankings and corporal punishment, without sex and all the bdsm gear.

When they first met, Titti and her new friend just sat chatting, drinking coffee and so on. They agreed that none of them wante a stop word, in order to make the punishment session as realistic as possible. On their first evening together, Titti got spanked and when she went home that night, she knew that this lady had succeeded to ignite the fire of passion within her – a fire which would just continue growing.

It took a long time before Titti heard from the Strict Lady again but finally she got a very special SMS and from that day they were seeing each other at least every weekend, usually on a Sunday. The sessions generally takes the whole day and at first, Titti presents her diary of the week for approval. Usually there are quite a few reasons for punishment.

The Strict Lady uses many different implements, like canes, belts, birch twigs and lots of different things. Titti especially loves being caned and she is very proud of her marks when the Lady sends her home, very sore and now a good girl. It has happened that the cane has been used with such intensity that it has broken the skin and although that is maybe not Titti’s cup of tea she gladly accepts her punishment and is always longing for their next date. She especially loves ending over a chair, kneeling in the sofa or lying over the kitchen table, her posterior beckoning for the trashing. Corner time and stinging nettles in her pants are other favourites.

It seems like sweet Titti has finally got what she had been dreaming of. But last time we were chatting on MSN she told me she had a new boyfriend and when they met she had stopped seeing the Strict Lady. Sofar he knows nothing about Titti’s secret passions and the question is if their love will be strong enough to extinguish the raging fire within her. Anyhow, it is great to see another girl deciding to do something about her secret fantasies. I wish you all the best for the future, sweetie and I hope to talk to you soon. xxxxx tina