Monday, 10 November 2014

Tinaslut volunteers for the Slugfest competition and gets knocked out again and again...

Have you ever heard about anything as crazy as Slugfest? It's a competition where vicious women knock each other out. The knockouts are then rated by a jury and the points are determined from different angles, like how long the knocked-out woman is unconscious. When I learnt that sparring partners were wanted for this competition, I volunteered. Little did I know what it would mean in practice...

Even at only 50% force, the blows of the truncheons surely knocked us out cold for some time...

Two girls with a terrible headache, moaning with pain as they are coming to. And these were just the first two contestants...

Do visit D3D-Peril-Art and tell him if you appreciate this idea. While you're at it, why not ask him to do some commissions for you? He will be happy to make your dark fantasies come alive by his artwork...

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tinaslut clubbed hard and captured

I suppose the man who sneaked up behind me still was in pain after I kicked him in the groin so he surely had a lot to take out on me. Maybe that's why he hit me so hard in the first place. He swung his club with full force, my world exploded in a cascade of stars and then there was nothing but darkness.

Stripped and helpless I was securely tied to a wooden pole and carried unconscious through the jungle. The man who clubbed me had made sure I would not come to in a very long time. When this finally happened, I would be in their hands, securely at the village and unable to escape. My extreme headache would be the least of my perils. These guys meant business...

Please leave a comment. What would you like to happen to me next? If you would like to see your own fantasy come to life, I will be happy to put you in touch with the artist who made this mini series. Please mail me at tinaslut (at)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart, part 3

By now I started to realize what were on their mind...

Time to make a run for it...
Without GPS or a map, darkness was falling and on top of that, a thick mist was spreading over the jungle. As for darkness, I would soon be experiencing it in the most true sense of the word...

If you like this artwork, D3D Perilart will be happy to make your fantasies materialize for a very modest fee. Please mail me at tinaslut (at) if you would like to have your own artwork created according to your specifikations and I will put you in touch with D3D.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart, part 2

No comments sofar... still, I think D3D:s artwork is really good so I think I'll share a few more pics of this mini series with you. I must also add that I am a very good driver IRL so please spare me your nasty comments of "women behind the wheel" :)

What's a girl to do when she comes to in the middle of the jungle, with a broken-down jeep? All alone... or was I really?

Maybe I would rather have been alone? These two gentlemen who surfaced from nowhere weren't smiling.

I am sure you get a pretty good idea what this may lead to. What do you think about the artwork? Do you like it? Please leave a comment.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Savage Ordeal - tinaslut captured in the jungle, by D3D Perilart

Have you ever checked out ? Here you can find a lot of interesting artwork. Yes, now you can even find me there. The artist, D3D Perilart, has surely made a wonderful job and he has even succeeded well in capturing much of my IRL features. But unfortunately, I am not as athletic and muscular IRL... will have to spend lots of more time in the gym for that ;)

Do check out his gallery at and tell him tinaslut sent you. By the way, I am sorry that it has taken such a long time to update my blog but thanks to all who have still visited now and then. Would you like to see more pics from this story?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blonde bitch iron fucked, tit and pussy whipped!

If you like films where gorgeous women are whipped and punished, the site Whipped Women is for you. Just have a look at this gallery from the film Blonde Bitch (click the pics below for link):

The film features two stunning blondes and one of them smears the body of her friend with oil.before she is whipped.

She is also fucked with a steel rod.

Her friend is waiting for her turn to taste the whip while the whipmaster lays on the lash across the quivering body of his blonde victim. Lovely... ;)

Would you dare to use the scourge?

The biggest problem is finding somebody who will go all the way. Over the top. Does this picture inspire you? Would you like to do it IRL? So wonderful to wear those vivid marks of love after a good trashing with the scourge. But do you have the courage to do it? Do you trust your ability enough to use it? A scourge can easily be made from some leather straps, some sharp pieces of metal and spikes. Each lash will leave bloody wounds. Will that frighten you - or will it make you want to lay on the scourge again and again, even harder? Would you dare meeting a woman who is actually begging you to use the scourge on her because she craves it? Make love to her after you have seen to her wounds. Will you work yourself into a frenzy as you see new wounds appearing all the time until her buttocks are covered in blood? What if she kneels before you, presenting a scourge she has made herself, begging you to use it on her? Would you think she is insane - or would you actually go along with it? Many people whip themselves to blood in religious rites but what if a woman wants you do it to her for sexual pleasure? Would you enjoy it?

Think it over. You may meet her tomorrow...